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DIY Spring Install Empty DIY Spring Install

Post by 93cobra670 on Tue May 06, 2008 12:19 pm

I figured I'd post up on installing springs because it's a popular modification for most car enthusiasts. I snapped a few pics from my install this winter break. I did rear control arms as well, so my methods were somewhat unorthodox. But i'll do my best to get some quality instructions down.

Socket set
Adjustable wrench
Breaker bar
Jack + jack stands
Flathead screwdriver of needle nose plyers

Start off by jacking the car up, removing the front wheels, and spraying the bolts down with bolt buster.
DIY Spring Install January-February20200820Cobra20P-23

Next, remove the brake caliper. For my car it was two bolts and a little elbow grease to pull it away from the rotor. Hang the caliper in a location where there is no stress on the brake lines. I used a coat hanger.
DIY Spring Install January-February20200820Cobra20P-28

From here, remove the front sway bar. Save the bushings, you'll need these later. It's best to remove the sway bar ends on both sides at the same time. Next, remove the cotter pin with the flathead screwdriver or needle nose plyers. Once you unbolt it, u may need to convince it to come out with a hammer.
DIY Spring Install January-February20200820Cobra20P-26

Now preload the control arm with a jack. Go under the hood an remove the strut tower bolts. From here, simply lower the jack down and guide the strut out. The spring should then be relaxed and come out. You may need the pry bar/breaker bar to pop the spring out.
DIY Spring Install January-February20200820Cobra20P-27

Now put the new spring in and reverse the steps! This should take about an hour or two in your driveway.

I'll post up about the rear springs when I get some more time...

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